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Protecting Our Most Important Resources

Protecting Our Most Important Resources

Protecting Our Most Important ResourcesProtecting Our Most Important ResourcesProtecting Our Most Important Resources

The security & privacy safeguards expected of ecosystems serving students.

Welcome to the Education Security and Privacy Exchange (Edspex)

We are a nonprofit collective of individuals and organizations passionate about our future and aware of risks of data misuse. We have aligned many principles and guidelines under a common objective, represented in open and free program resources for schools, districts, vendors, and communities.

Maintaining Province.

Leading with Community.

Offering a Framework.


Our members acknowledge responsibilities we have to the safety and protection of those around us. We promote digital awareness and commit to actions that preserve proper data use. 

Offering a Framework.

Leading with Community.

Offering a Framework.


Our collective expertise develops and maintains the EDSPEX framework... controls mapped from education, legal, data security, and data privacy initiatives, as well as the a surrounding program of accreditation.

Leading with Community.

Leading with Community.

Leading with Community.


We activate our peers and colleagues in thought leadership... to render new ideals in, as well as in responses to, compliance and public expectation challenges. We share our outcomes as comodity.

About Us


Dedicated Experts

Our collective of partners and advocates hold credentials in education administration, information technology, security, privacy, law, and teaching & learning. Their grassroots work and passion resulted in the creation of EDSPEX by Keyed Systems, the only authority on federated standards for K12 security & privacy. The framework aligns industry controls such as NIST and CIS, legal requirements such as CCPA & FERPA, and education 'hyperframeworks' such as the Privacy Pledge and CoSN TLE. It is the highest common denominator for one-stop set of requirements... and direction on the methods that fulfill on them.


A Comprehensive Yet Narrow Vertical

Our aim is to enable. Through a consorted model we open doors for experts in the local application of technical, policy, and process controls for Security and Privacy to engage with each other. The breath of our supporters allows our focus to be surgical. The marrige of regulatory requirement, public expectation, and digital innovation requires a complex orchestration of stakeholders not found in any one group or organization. The structure of EDSPEX allows such parties to convene and operate together in support of larger mission.


Commitment to Awareness

Our work may facilitate compliance and protect students, families, and staff... however our ethos is centered around a common promise to advance self-awareness of data use and exposure. Protect the physical and digital interests of yourself, your family, and those around you... whether a function of your job title or not.  The landscape has and continues to change. Advanced machine learning techniques and larger, more efficient operations of federated data integrations present catalyst for continued screen attention from all of us as new values and conveniences enter our lives. Enjoy such gadgets, luxuries, and efficiencies as traditional counterparts become all but history... but, whether required use of tech data or not, lend care in the digital footsteps you plot as well as those you leave behind.

Access and Support the Framework

There's much to see and do! Individuals and organizations looking to apply the Framework or contribute to our cross-initiative mappings should reach out today!