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The Association's Community is what keeps us moving. The Community consists of Supporters who are both adopters and providers, as well as our partner organizations. Individuals and organizations alike lend contribution to, and receive value from, the Community.

Edspex Action Committee (EAC)

The scope and direction for Edspex Association is driven from our Community. A subset of these members offer routine leadership to help keep us moving. They are industry experts inside and outside Education that cross technology, business, and law. This group of stakeholders holds balance to the use of limited and appropriate personal data for equitible purposes by business and economy whilst spotlighting individual choice, safety, and wellness. They are active authors of our Framwork, vocal members of our Community of Excellence, and loud advocates for our purpose.

Edspex Supporters

Our community membership program allows individuals and organizations to show support through both contribution and adoption. The Framework provides open guidance freely available to all under a limited non-exclusive license. This guidance will be regularly updated thanks to supporters fiscal and resource contributions.