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Privacy Policy


We collect, use, and protect information that might be considered personal in nature for very limited purposes. Where we do so, we do this in accordance with applicable privacy and security laws and with attention to your rights and expectations. Privacy and information security are fundamental tenets of our work, and as such we aim to exemplify this through our own practices.

This notice explains our practices around personal data. It may be changed from time to time (soon)... as of July 2019 we wish to express our base commitment to you.  This site and Edspex is currently operated by Edspex Association, a Deleware nonprofit corporation.

INFORMATION USE. Personal information is only used to serve the Edspex set of offerings to you. Personal data is not sold. Personal data is only provided to 3rd parties when required to execute on below.  Any additional usage will seek your consent... because it's the right thing to do.

  • to operate and offer you website features relative to membership.
  • to engage you in the community social and event aspects of the website.
  • to engage you in involved Workgroups that may manage/administer these services.


  • email address, first/last name, phone is used in association with your password for membership and collected via the site's registration process.
  • We don't target nor knowingly collect information about children under 16. If you are  under 16, please have your guardian use our site/services.
  • Your site activity independent of your PII, for website performance analytics
  • ...that's it so far! Event signup/attendance, social activities, and more may be required to offer you future services... we will keep you informed.


  • All personal information issupported through physical and procedural safeguards. Our hosting provider GoDaddy maintains database of members, properly representing their practices have reasonable controls protecting against inappropriate or misuse as well as breach.


  • Your name/email may be presented to Community members via your use of any online platform or tool (soon). You may elect to change preferences based on the technologies offered for these relative event or community boards (soon).
  • Your name/email may be presented to Workgroup management team members representing the interests of and playing role of agent for this community. These individuals, like yourself, have roles in other organizations. Future EULA will explain this as a basis for 'community'. You are welcome to contact to be withdrawn for this dialog if desired.


  • We will periodically reach out to make sure you want to stay active in the Edspex Associations happenings, else, we will remove your account after 24months inactivity.
  • If you would like to be removed from our services, you can wait for the self-service options, else reach out to to have your account deleted. 
  • If you have questions or concerns about your privacy or our practices... you know it... email us at